Price: $3700 uniphase hene red laser
Price: $1000.5 36 in x 36 in solid aluminum optical breadboard
Price: $3999.99 Trumpf / haas HL703D yag industrial laser / 400V 3 ph / 45KW
Price: $8000 Coherent genesis 532-1000-s part # 1170637
Price: $49.95 Gsi lumonics Y103OP nd:yag laser rod, 50.9MM length
Price: $49.95 Gsi lumonics Y103OP nd:yag laser rod, 50.8MM length
Price: $49.95 Gsi lumonics Y103OP nd:yag laser rod, 50.5MM length
Price: $49.95 Gsi lumonics Y103OP nd:yag laser rod, 50.1MM length
Price: $699.99 Quantronix corp QS24-4S-s switch module laser
Price: $279.99 Molecular dynamics model storm 860 phosphor imager
Price: $49.99 Lee laser LDM50 10-20 watts power meter 010243-009
Price: $7.29 New 50MW diy 532NM green beam lap 3.0V-3.7V green laser module
Price: $34.75 2" pellicle beam splitter coated=bpl-02 T427
Price: $6.29 New 50MW diy 532NM green beam lap 3.0V-3.7V green laser module
Price: $6.99 New 532NM green beam lap free driver durable green laser module
Price: $110 Gsi lumonics 000-3008536
Price: $110 Gsi group 000-3014008
Price: $20 Beam splitter cube prism
Price: $695 Good thermo laser science vsl-337ND 337200-02 nitrogen laser
Price: $55.3 Melles griot 1A475 cathode laser & power supply, red -tested
Price: $59.25 Melles griot 1A480 cathode laser & power supply, green -tested
Price: $710 Agere systems fiber optic laser module part number D2570H35
Price: $58.65 New port uvex laser safety glasses, blue L99-lotg-pdt/cm ($200)
Price: $79 Coherent compass 215M laser controller
Price: $700 Lucent fiber optic laser module part number E2520S886
Price: $399 Coherent 1073840
Price: $655 Lucent fiber optic laser module part number E2520S884
Price: $670 Lucent fiber optic laser module part number E2520S868
Price: $600 Lucent fiber optic laser module part number E2520S871
Price: $45.99 Dolan jenner 60" dual fiber optic light guide
Price: $219 Rofin laser shutter assembly
Price: $99 Rofin laser beam expander
Price: $99 Tjs flashlamp l-5461
Price: $400 Laakmann electro-optics m-250 laser modulator
Price: $399 Cobolt mambo 25HIGH performance dpss laser controller
Price: $499 Hp agilent 5517D-C19 320UW 3.73MHZ laser head
Price: $18.17 Starrett 910 deluxe padded case for 1" 25MM range micrometers
Price: $34.5 4 in x 6 in solid aluminum optical breadboard
Price: $37 Thorlabs kinematic lens mount 2" id
Price: $20 Thorlabs kinematic lens mount 1" id hex screw adjustment
Price: $27 New port nrc optical gm-1 adjustable tilt mount
Price: $745 X y and z axis position stage with glastonbury micrometers steel
Price: $3176.8 Small size four axes jewelry cnc engraving machine
Price: $24.99 Farhop 1MW 532NM green laser module 532-d-12-50-g-1-3 282
Price: $24 Mirror beam splitter 2 mirrors beamsplitter laser 4.75" lot of 2
Price: $69 Laser rod
Price: $44.85 6 in x 6 in solid aluminum optical breadboard
Price: $2650 Pi M415.dg 150MM linear stage
Price: $2650 Tmc isolation table 63-510 with cleantop ii breadboard
Price: $599 Zygo beamsplitter 820C free ship
Price: $22.54 Burning laser 301 green laser pointer high power laser suit 5MW
Price: $29.44 Focusable 50MW 850NM 4.2~5V infrared ir laser dot module 12X35MM
Price: $5.48 10PCS mini 650NM 5MW 5V laser dot diode module head
Price: $99 Infrared prism nacl for special infrared optics
Price: $18.98 New oclaro 635NM 638NM 700MW red laser diode ld HL63193 brand
Price: $19.99 Lab laser optic wedge 8/004
Price: $59.96 Blue light, 473NM laser-optical assembly no global shipping
Price: $30.42 Barr golden silicon mirror optical laser lens
Price: $299.99 A6 coherent laserpure 5 lp-51 laser heat exchanger chiller used
Price: $15 New edmund optics 43366 10MM dia ts , saphire window,
Price: $300 ^^ melles griot diode laser controller model# 06DLD103
Price: $349 Uniphase novette 1508-0 helium neon gas laser set, unit
Price: $129 CO2 laser tube - flowing gas 15 watt
Price: $29.99 Dolan jenner industries 36" dual fiber optic light guide
Price: $29.99 Dolan jenner industries 72" dual fiber optic light guide
Price: $28.82 Quarton laser module vlm-650-01 lpa industrial use dot laser
Price: $29 Paraboloid mirror 29-0347 rev aa
Price: $24.99 New industrial fiber optics photometer
Price: $39.99 Over 2 pound single adp crystal bar end - electro ceramics inc
Price: $55 Laser 4X beam expander
Price: $120 (RR13-1) 1 used hamamatsu 935 photomultiplier tube
Price: $39 Focusable 650NM 300MW red laser module/lighting/ttl
Price: $188 Cvi melles griot 05-lsc-707 with power adaptor
Price: $100 Molectron power MAX5200 laser power meter
Price: $1250 Selcom 805188 type 2201 triangulation displace processor
Price: $125 Wyatt technology mini dawn laser light scattering photometer
Price: $319.99 Infinity proximity series infinitube standard dual-port assembly
Price: $85 Kuhnke D24 bor -f-ds 9420 laser shutter safety interlock 24VDC
Price: $1999 New synrad j-48 10 watt laser system unpacked
Price: $1900 Lumera laser aom modul lumera laser gmbh 5066
Price: $10.84 New nrc port corp. kinematic lens mount model MM2-1A
Price: $30 New nrc port corp. kinematic lens mount w base model MM2-1A
Price: $20 New nrc port corp. laser slotted stage adapter plates model 02
Price: $124.99 Melles griot cvi rdf 85 diode 660NM 400MW fiber coupled laser
Price: $19.95 1-1/8" dia. achromatic meniscus doublet lens by tyrolit company
Price: $2950 Hitachi V2000 spectrophotometer model u-2000 (inv.23548)
Price: $299.99 Coherent compass 215M-50 50MW laser slm holography
Price: $65 New port optics infrared lens mounted MM2-1A
Price: $249.99 Dewalt DW03101 330FT (100M) backlit laser distance measurer
Price: $30.26 Bt&d M808812 fiber optic component
Price: $30.26 Bt&d fiber optic module M864614
Price: $799.99 Two spectrometers by ocean optics SD2000 usb 339NM to 1024NM
Price: $142.5 New port 481-a rotation stage + vph-3 holder
Price: $176.7 Lot of 3 tropel micaflat wave plate λ/4 647 nm
Price: $245.55 Lot of 4 tropel micaflat wave plate λ/4 647 nm
Price: $1000 L141594 burleigh wa-10 wavemeter
Price: $27.5 New thorlabs AC127-025-a achromatic doublet 12.7MM x 25MM
Price: $22.5 New thorlabs PF05-03-G01-3MMT-sp aluminum mirror 12.7MM x 3MM
Price: $99 Linos LM0202 laser modulator 8451-201-000-04 w/ holder
Price: $850 Mitutoyo vmu lens video microscope unit
Price: $789.89 Used ophir laser power meter orion-th-ac
Price: $249 Rvsi 66302-f & 63329 rev d
Price: $249 Coherent pm-1300 rofin 150500340
Price: $299 Rofin hilberling hg-24
Price: $249 Rofin hg-25F hilberling driver
Price: $26.95 Coilhose pneumatics F140MB - general purpose 1/4" filter
Price: $350 (1) used takikawa ldm-303H laser micro diameter 15211
Price: $70 Ram argon laser goggle
Price: $50 Hamamatsu pmt detector HC120-20
Price: $11.99 12MM 650NM red laser line module (4 pieces) u.s seller
Price: $39.96 A&m film and photo photography prism
Price: $23.99 Laser head / original packaging / kss-240A / KSS240A / kss 240 a
Price: $24.99 New laser head/ sf-HD88CPH dvd navigation RNS510 laser head
Price: $110 Climet laser particle counter internals with power supply
Price: $350 Epson optical engine assembly SKU1603301
Price: $350 Epson optical engine assembly s H716
Price: $750 Coherent radius laser system 637NM 25MW used
Price: $688.85 30 in x 30 in solid aluminum optical breadboard
Price: $350 Oe labs ldls-02 fp-ld built-in isolator 220V light source 1585NM
Price: $10.79 New farhop 5 volt 5MW 650NM red dot laser diode module, 5 pieces
Price: $960 Jds uniphase 2211-10SLHP ar laser w/ 2114P-20SLMD power supply
Price: $125.1 Nib vincent associates u litz vmm-D1 shutter driver
Price: $80 Spectra-physics 117A-1 laser power supply
Price: $189 New * * hamamatsu xenon lamp L2273-04K
Price: $29.75 Qty. 3 coherent: visible band pass filters 45MM cwl = 610
Price: $380 Mp-iso hd 830K 20° 6IN sn-led
Price: $89.95 New port nrc laser optic mirror mount assy 630A-2
Price: $549 Laserprobe rm-3700 universal radiometer laser probe | RM3700
Price: $29.9 3VDC 532NM 50MW green laser line module 20*60MM
Price: $1220 Melles griot diode laser driver 06DLD201
Price: $1990 Anritsu MG9587A sld light source 1450 to 1650 nm
Price: $11.99 New port b-2 slotted base mounting plate
Price: $19.99 808NM 500MW high power burning ir laser diode diy lab
Price: $12 Bea lasers 170-3-650 $12.00 laser
Price: $48 Thorlabs heavy-duty variable height clamp, bundle of eight
Price: $42 Thorlabs table clamps bundle of 12
Price: $48 Thorlabs table clamps bundle of 12
Price: $39.95 Used - photonis photomultiplier tube XP3212/b
Price: $699.99 Hamamatsu L4633-01 xenon flash lamp with socket E4370-01
Price: $17.45 5X thorlabs BA1S mounting base 1" x 2.3" x 3/8" ~ lot of seven
Price: $50 New port 875 pin detector
Price: $199.5 Jm ney co. infrared power booster p/n 999-85-77
Price: $48 New port mfm-b 1" flex mount w/ bracket
Price: $27 New port gm-2 2" id mirror mount
Price: $100 New port lp-1 optical stage translating mount
Price: $399.99 Hamamatsu photomultiplier tube R1840-01
Price: $119.99 New port m-SDS25 linear translation stage w/ micrometer
Price: $19.5 New nrc port bk-3 -- new
Price: $49.97 Jds uniphase 1100 series 1103 helium-neon laser head
Price: $1050 Gsi digital scanhead scan head CO2 laser marking marker
Price: $75.99 New 850NM 50MW laser diode with glass window for vr lighting
Price: $599 Suruga seiki B27-100DR precision x-y stage
Price: $26000 Soft laser 632 - 632.8 nm, 6MW [laser class: brh iii b]
Price: $25 1PCS heat-protecting glass GRB3 filter optics 20*1.5MM #A9B1 lw
Price: $1599 1PCS cvd multi-layer graphene on ni nickel base 10*10CM #A9B0 lw
Price: $2100 Omi 600 pound tilting optical 16" rotary table
Price: $45 Miniature tilt angle mirror mount 40X40MM
Price: $284.45 Thorlabs TDC001 t-cube apt dc servo motor controller
Price: $49.95 Lumonics laser controller, handheld
Price: $79.95 Lumonics laser controller panel
Price: $358 3" aperture - beam dump
Price: $90 Eg&g hy-3011 HY3011 high power thyratron tube for laser
Price: $455 4" aperture - beam dump
Price: $59.96 Blue light, 473NM laser-optical assembly
Price: $55.45 New port model tsx-1A fast drive dovetail aluminum linear stage
Price: $150 Rodenstock laser beam expander lens 2-8X
Price: $249.95 Ipg photonics/ ire-polus lda-10 laser driver
Price: $155 3/4" aperture -beam dump
Price: $54.56 Edmund 100MM 3.2 thk borosilicate window
Price: $40 Thorlabs PF20-03 2" diam fused silica mirror blank
Price: $600 Los gatos research crd optics r=99.99% mirrors, pair, 1550NM
Price: $631.01 Inrad PKC21 laser q-switch
Price: $188.01 New cleveland crystals CX819 q-switch
Price: $1241.01 New gsänger qioptiq pockels cells q-switch lm 10 sg dt
Price: $484.01 inrad q-switch PLC01 DC10.5/1.064 pockels cell
Price: $29.99 Gsi lumonics 000-Z2263 scanning head motor
Price: $89.99 Sony xc-HR70 ccd camera & tamron 25MM 1:1.6 lens #211698-J2
Price: $5.99 Lot of (2) laser diodes 4 mw focusable visible red laser
Price: $75 ^^ spectra physics model 263-CO4 laser controller / power supply
Price: $90 New ussr ruby rod for laser 110MM*7MM
Price: $2600 Upper cavity for all trumpf lamp pumped lasers
Price: $4100 Cavity twin ellipse with rod trumpf trupulse
Price: $299.98 Ipg photonics laser driver
Price: $179 New port 481-a precision rotation stage with micrometer
Price: $75 Lot of 2 excel 201319 control laser
Price: $600 10309 innolas innoscan 10MM 019903
Price: $400 10329 rofin schutzglasschieber (f=250, 532NM, fs) 101106701
Price: $900 10308 innolas zsb shutter left w/o lens 019436
Price: $4000 New 10326 rofin resonatormodul ( ) 101102450
Price: $300 10331 rofin justierhilfe-laserk galvokopffadenkreuz 101101864
Price: $1500 9814 rofin laser head assembly system powerline e-12 shg ic
Price: $300 10330 rofin adapter (G4; RM10; KP1) 130400731
Price: $2449 Rofin 101101408 320W dilas type: E7N-806,5.1,5-320C-VH6.7
Price: $19 Ams laserscope greenlight hps laser system operator's manual
Price: $299 Jeol sc_108/2 issue-2 & sc_108/3 issue-2 use on jfc-1200
Price: $70 B&b isolated serial 2 port rs-422/485 usb adapter USOPTL4-2P
Price: $40 Jtagice v 1.01
Price: $65 Hid iclass se R40 contactless smart card reader - 920NTNNEK00000
Price: $449 Jeol sc_108/1 issue-2 use on jfc-1200
Price: $395 National instruments compact daq ni-9401 - cdaq-9171 - ni-9924
Price: $75 B&b isolated serial 2 port rs-422/485 usb adapter USOPTL4-2P
Price: $395 Zaber motorized linear stage t-LS28M KT04U
Price: $94.56 Hama sensors dd-50SDI laser
Price: $138.56 Melles griot 3222H-pc class 3B laser
Price: $9.99 Used melles griot 01MFG023 round flat mirror
Price: $9.99 Used melles griot 01LQ S0 14/074 round flat mirror
Price: $9.99 Used melles griot 01LQ S0 18/074 plano convex silica lens
Price: $9.99 Used melles griot 01LQ N0 16/074 plano convex silica lens
Price: $9.99 Used melles griot 01LQF259 plano convex silica lens
Price: $300 New spt 60W CO2 sealed laser tube 1200MM
Price: $799 Rofin sinar assy, nd : yag laser for two arc lamps .rs- maerker
Price: $8.66 Aluminium heat sink/heatsink for 12V 20W led energy saving lamp
Price: $736 Original reci CO2 laser tube 100W-130W W4 / S4, 10000HR lifespan
Price: $200 Lot of 4 hamamatsu photomultiplier tube R6357
Price: $85 Perkinelmer mh-943P 1335-h-064 laser
Price: $30 ++ magnetic block 2" x 2 1/2" (b)
Price: $225 Thorlabs complete periscope assembly
Price: $125 New nrc port fp-2 fiber optic positioner
Price: $7.38 Si reflection mirror for CO2 laser si mirror for engraver 25MM
Price: $4.99 4PCS right angle triangular prism for physics science teaching
Price: $65 New hamamatsu R1546 13MM pmt photomultiplier tube -
Price: $350 9582 rofin-sinar laser leistungsmessung w/ ophir 170297 3041320
Price: $750 Zygo 4" attachment
Price: $20 New port 9861 double filter holder
Price: $18.4 New 2PCS 650NM 20MW 5.6MM red laser diode to-18 ld lazer
Price: $74.95 Lightpath technologies GPX30-60 VC8 gradium focusing lens, 5PCS
Price: $9.99 Great land ac/dc converter
Price: $250 Coherent innova I90C laser emission controller
Price: $300 Telesis EV15DS laser marker rail yag diode 1064NM
Price: $300 Telesis EV15DS laser marker rail yag diode 1064
Price: $249.99 Edmund industrial optics laser optical flat lab lazer photonics
Price: $399.99 New port 5502 dual high power laser diode driver mod b-4
Price: $199.99 Thorlabs optical chopper mc-1000A
Price: $999.99 Jds uniphase laser module model 2214-10SLBIO laser head
Price: $150 D143778 laser photonics yol 102 laser w/ power supply
Price: $259.35 Sill-optik f-theta 254B lens
Price: $981 Agilent technologies xenon lamp module uv 01-106396-00
Price: $10 New port bp-3 anodized aluminum optical post base plate
Price: $155 Spectra physics mo: 212-1 laser exciter
Price: $126.9 Trumpf deviating mirror kit 0961975
Price: $149.84 Jay electronique RHU019 led photocell sensor (A831)
Price: $893.08 Dewalt DW079LR 20V max red rotary tough laser
Price: $200 Allied vision gf 033C irf
Price: $24.95 Lot 4 magnifying lens commercial grade 4 optical experiments
Price: $49 New port m-426 x-axis optical mount stage
Price: $33 Spex shutter power board no. 31087 rev b for a spex 1691
Price: $33 Minimate drive board for a spex 1681B i.r. spectrometer
Price: $49 Optical mount adjustable stage angle 45° with mirror for laser
Price: $199.99 Dage precision BT22-LC01 20GM
Price: $174.99 BEX0532-1.5X beam expander with 1.5X magnification 532NM
Price: $14.99 Ross optical lens beamsplitter elliptical 20 x 15 x 2MM BS3
Price: $1225 Spectrapro SP150
Price: $510 Coherent beammaster bm-3 ingaas
Price: $3.5 707 cnc laser nozzle PLGJT0265 923014
Price: $39.99 New aluminum science nrc port? unknown optics device
Price: $299.99 Cyonics 2101-40MLA argon laser power supply unit
Price: $300 Dynamark S100 sator laser scan module 7MM trinity
Price: $49.99 Ocean optics spectrometer case - chassis - enclosure
Price: $6.72 Instapark 5 mw 650 nm red laser module line 9 mm x 21 mm wf pl
Price: $150 Hughes 4000 laser power supply w/ 3222H-c laser w/ wood case -a
Price: $19.99 Quarton laser module vlm-650-28 lpt red laser line generator
Price: $500 Markem 3000 series 3010CR laser
Price: $1249.99 Hamar laser l-711 laser alignment system
Price: $70 Melles griot invaritar 59LGC550 len
Price: $60.17 11079101 glass bead, 0.1 mm diameter
Price: $400 Hamamatsu R9722A TA1002 with socket and test data sheet
Price: $415 Hamamatsu photomultiplier tube R3991A=27 no: TC6551
Price: $14.95 Edmund optics 25 x 35MM protected aluminum, λ/4 mirror 30-286
Price: $34.99 Point source laser optics beam combiner splitter
Price: $40 Laser power supply amoco alc 1320-25P
Price: $2.86 45 mm laser diode house case with lens E1V7
Price: $11 New 8.5CM (3 3/8") bi-convex magnifying glass lens
Price: $450 Lsa laser science inc vsl-337 laser (used working)
Price: $9.95 Optical window 3/4" diameter 1CM thick in mount
Price: $421.37 Dewalt DW0825LG 12V 5 spot + cross line laser, green
Price: $55 Trumpf cap nut 0256152
Price: $15.5 Thorlabs FMP2 fixed 2" dia. optical mirror mount
Price: $62 Thorlabs 90° flip mount for 1" filters and optics
Price: $27 Lot of six(6) thorlabs mounting base, 1"x 3"x 3/8"
Price: $99 Wavelength eelectronics pid-1500 temperature controller
Price: $250 9225 hughes helium neon laser head 5MW max output 3225H-pcn
Price: $159 Continuum 721-06 pump,504-6303 rev c w.w. 15/94,used@93752
Price: $8.26 3PCS focusable mini 650NM 3.5MW 3VDC red laser dot module
Price: $106.25 Melles griot omnichrome hecd laser series 56X model # 356X
Price: $13 650NM 658NM 30MW red laser diode n-type pin with pd 70MANEW
Price: $2.6 New 3PCS 650NM 5MW red laser diode to-18 5.6MM 40DEG n-type pin
Price: $26.99 New 650NM 10MW ir laser line module 16X68MM focusable
Price: $23.99 New 405NM 100MW ir laser dot diode module 16X68MM focusable
Price: $23.99 New 650NM 100MW ir laser dot diode module 16X68MM focusable
Price: $559 New port m-460A xyz 3 axis motion precision linear stage
Price: $16.4 850NM infrared ir line laser beam 10MW 12X35MM 3VNEW
Price: $700 4437 spectra-physics laser power supply T20-8S40
Price: $329 Agilent hp 5517B laser head,light emission,part@4849
Price: $749.9 Agilent 5517C hene laser 559µw 2.81MHZ opt.003 free shipping
Price: $4 Thorlabs optical mounting base BA1S 1" x 2.3" x 3/8"
Price: $269.95 Kimmon IK3083R-db ik series he-cd helium cadmium laser 325NM
Price: $7 New port m-b-2A mounting base 3"l x 1"w x 3/8" thk
Price: $20 New port nrc lm-2 optical lens mount 2-1/4" id
Price: $7 New port b-2S mounting base 3"l x 2"w x 3/8" thk
Price: $399.99 New nrc port optic table 36" by 12"
Price: $3888 Rofin powerline laser markers control panel
Price: $1149 Rofin ALI_V30B.ddf 796067-00218 & OPO_V110.ddf 796057-00056
Price: $649 Baasel lasertech Y46 050.s lbs 84300-081 a-f-6938
Price: $429 Rofin sinar q-switch 27.12MHZ 750007 gooch & housego QS27-4S-b
Price: $399 Spectra physics neos rf driver R38041-10DMSP-3-2 .tested
Price: $950 Spectra physics passbank /tec J80 assy 0135-4101 board laser
Price: $4.87 5 sets 433MHZ rf wireless transmitter + receiver link kit module
Price: $99.99 New ~ cambridge technology 6870M galvanometer galvano scanner
Price: $12.99 4" crystal optical glass triangular prism refractor
Price: $500 40W nd:yag water cooled pumping cavity with flash lamp and rod
Price: $110 Thorlabs compensator plate BCP41R
Price: $24.95 New port model 806 laser mount for 1.75 inch diameter laser head
Price: $7.95 Seoh prism acrylic equilateral 75MM side x 25MM thick
Price: $50 New oriel port 3 optical filters... 2 are mounted
Price: $25 Thorlabs -- ACN127-020-b -- used
Price: $375 New port broadband retroreflector -- m-bbr 1-5 -- used
Price: $30 New edmund optics 50MM x 50MM plate beam splitter -- 43359 --
Price: $12 New edmund optics mirror 4-6 wave au -- 43730 --
Price: $25 New edmund optics 2 x 2" ar coated plastic window -- 83737 --
Price: $75 New edmund optics filter shortpass 675NM, 25MM -- 64605 --
Price: $250 Semrock brightline short pass -- FF720-SDI01-37X60 -- used
Price: $30 New edmund optics filter nd 25MM dia 1.3 od -- 63463 --
Price: $20 New edmund optics 12.5 x 17.5MM mirror 4-6 wave gold -- 43880 --
Price: $15 New edmund optics 12.5MM dia x 5MM thk -- 27096 --
Price: $15 New edmund optics 12.5MM dia x 4.5MM thk -- 28104 --
Price: $15 New thorlabs d: 1" plano-convex lens n-BK7 -- LA1951 --
Price: $35 Thorlabs achromatic doublet -- AC254-100-b -- used
Price: $20 New edmund optics 5MM dia protected gold -- 43-728 or 43728 --
Price: $35 New thorlabs d=12.7MM, f=30MM achromat doublet -- AC127-030-b --
Price: $999.9 Powerlase photonics HAP200 laser module p/n 400-0012-s
Price: $50 Spectra physics beamlok model 2474 laser remote control (aa)
Price: $80 Oriel corporation laser power supply model no 6615 (bb)
Price: $35 Optical photodiode sensor FDG03 to-5 can
Price: $50 Laser optical actuator stp 8X
Price: $80 Laser diode bar, tested to be within 30W-35W (no.1)
Price: $1250 Jds uniphase afc pump controller
Price: $900 Agilent 5517D- option -C11 power 285 uw laser head
Price: $299.99 Ocean optics spectrometer 400UM trifurcated fiber cable sma-905
Price: $19.9 Thorlabs lenses AC300-080-a d=30.0MM f=80.0MM visible achromat
Price: $620 Laser light solutions 447NM laser
Price: $10 Jds uniphase SW104+2075UFAL1.5
Price: $39 (х2 pcs) laser optical mirror d=20 mm
Price: $39 (х2 pcs) optic laser mirror d=50 mm (λ=1064.1 nm; τ≤1.0)
Price: $39 х3 pcs optical laser mirror d=20 mm (λ = 1064 nm; τ ≤ 0.3)
Price: $39 (х2 pcs) laser optic mirror d=40 mm (λ=1060 nm; τ=10)
Price: $39 х2 pcs optic laser mirror d=40 mm (λ=1064.1 nm; τ ≤ 0.3)
Price: $19 Х 3 pcs pellin-broca prism - ordinary dispersing prism
Price: $39 (X3 pcs) optical laser mirror d=20 mm (λ = 1064 nm; τ ≤ 0.3)
Price: $2000 9356 spectra-physics I20-8S-15K-nsi integra laser power supply
Price: $410 9653 ophir 1Z10500 nova display w/ head input sensor
Price: $70 New port (nrc) optical post holder lot of 3
Price: $129.99 Linos laser beam expander len 2-8X 532 nm
Price: $200 Ocp ptc-48S-b-hp-LR2 oc-48 transponder 5PCS
Price: $65 New cvi laser mirror S6-00525 for nitrogen lasers 337NM
Price: $69 Laser mirror, cvi, flat, 0 degree, 800 nm, 2 inch diameter
Price: $29 Lens, concave, -200 cm focal length, 1064 nm, 1 inch diameter
Price: $29 Lens, concave, -15 cm focal length, 800 nm, 2 inch dia, cvi
Price: $29 Lens, concave, -10 cm focal length, 1064 nm, 1 inch diameter
Price: $29 Laser safety glasees - yag, 1064, 532, and other wavelengths
Price: $29 Lens, concave, -7.5 cm fl, 532 nm, 1 inch dia, cvi melles griot
Price: $129 Cvi laser mirror, 800 nm, 45 degrees, 3 inch diameter
Price: $39.5 New mirror mount, 2", focus model 9852, with 45 deg 532 mirror
Price: $758.01 New cleveland crystals qx 1020
Price: $49 Uniphase model 196-4 vintage laser with power pack.
Price: $25 vintage black box catalog ts-5 vf level test set
Price: $420 Scanlab RTC4 v 1.1 real time control of scan heads and lasers
Price: $20 5MW peak power, 810NM wavelength laser diode sharp LT010MDO
Price: $20 10MW, 780NM laser diode sharp LT021MDO
Price: $16.99 New laser RAE0152Z with integrated (ic);laser unit
Price: $59 Spectra-phisics laser 632.8NM 4.5MW
Price: $49.99 New laser RAE0152Z with integrated (ic);laser unit-laser pickup
Price: $89 Melles griot 05-lhp-401 helium neon laser
Price: $39 Bosch air cylinder 0 822 032 205
Price: $29.99 Lot of 2 everhard products ML09730 laser line projectors
Price: $2416 New - vere optical table breadboard - 120 cm x 150 cm x 4.3"
Price: $2152 New - vere optical table breadboard - 30" x 84" x 4.3"
Price: $99 Omniwave retroreflector - plx
Price: $79.99 Precision rotation head with x/y micrometer adjustment (2639)
Price: $39 Reo laser head 14290
Price: $39 Reo laser head 33099
Price: $1278 Hamamatsu photomultiplier module photon counting pmt H8259